Prayer to the Mother of Consolation

Pope John Paul II

O Virgin Most Holy, be the sole and perennial consolation of the Church which you love and protect! Console your bishops and priests, missionaries and religious who have to enlighten and save modern society, which is difficult and sometimes hostile! Console Christian communities by giving them the gift of numerous and solid priestly and religious vocations! Console all those who are invested with authority and responsibility, civil and religious, social and political, so that they may always and only have the common good and integral development of man as their goal, in spite of difficulties and defeats! Console the so many families of those who have emigrated, the unemployed, the suffering, those who bear wounds in their bodies and souls caused by dramatic emergency situations; the young, especially those who find themselves abandoned and deprived of confidence for so many sad reasons; all those who feel ardent need in their souls for love, for altruism, for charity, for forgiving, who cultivate high ideals of spiritual and social gains! O Mother of Consolation, console us all, and let all understand that the secret of happiness lies in goodness, in always faithfully following your Son, Jesus!

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