st jude prayer for financial help

Prayer to Saint Jude Thaddeus for Urgent Financial Help

St Jude Prayer for Financial Help
Saint Jude Thaddeus,
Apostle of Christ and glorious Martyr,
great intercessor in all difficult problems.
Today I turn to you with great faith
to ask for your generous assistance
for I am afflicted and tormented
by the lack of economic means.
You who are my beloved saint,
my blessed patron and noble protector
welcome my soul and my body, my mind and heart;
I, humbly, prostrated before you, I ask
by the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
that you cast me a compassionate glance
and despise not my heartfelt prayer,
so my confidence be not in vain.
You who, in addition to a singular love,
were united with links of kinship to
the Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, source of all good,
and are a powerful aid of the desperate.
Pray for me my patron saint, my aid,
so that, assisted by your precious intercession,
I may receive a prompt and efficacious solution
for my overwhelming needs.
Make it so that I can obtain urgently, needed cash
to meet all my expenses, payments, debts,
and have peace of mind and tranquillity.
Make it so, I beg you, with the certainty of being heard,
that I obtain what I need so much:
(Ask for everything that you want to attain)
Blessed Saint Jude,
I honor you with special affection and devotion,
hand me the presence and strength of God.
Protect me in all circumstances,
may your help and consolation never cease.
Obtain for me by the grace of the Lord Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
deliverance, prosperity, work and health;
make it so that well-being is installed in my home.
As an expression of my affection and gratitude,
I promise you I will promote an authentic devotion to you
and already from this moment, 
I infinitely give you thanks for all your favors.
So be it.

Pray the Apostle's Creed, three (3) Our Fathers, three (3) Hail Marys and three (3) Glorias

Pray these prayers for three consecutive days.
May God bless you abundantly in His rich love and kindness!


Please as I pray this novena you people can join me too cos my landlord is about to drop my properties out on the street. I need financial breakthrough

Victor ogejuma

At Jude is a strong and powerful saint. Do not give up hope he will surely assist you in the most holy way. 🙏

Kenneth fernandes

My problems are of my own making want my family to need me and love me and giving $$$ I don’t have and decisions not good for me out of fear of being alone

Helen Grzyboski

My name nannette Brown prayer for a financial blessing for my finances. Doors will open up for our new home daughter Neriah, that’s will do well in her school classes she is struggling in math and reading comprehension please pray for her. Pray that we will be debt free and have money to live, pay our bills. Please play God’s protection over our lives from this covid19 please pray for my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews that God will also cover them in the blood and keep them protected.

Nannette D Brown

Pray for my daughter lacey and grandson zayden saenz they have covid lost a cousin last week from covid

Debora Bermea

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