Unfamiliar Christianity - What Protestants Are Missing

Unfamiliar Christianity - What Protestants Are Missing

What is meant by Unfamiliar Christianity? It is the theology and worship that is not familiar to what Christ established and taught the Apostles.

Today Protestants have an Unfamiliar Christianity. It goes something like this. They go to their Church service, there is many times a band is on stage and maybe a podium. Most people in Protestant Churches are very nice people with good intentions, big hearts and love Christ dearly. Then the Pastor gives a sermon and at the end of the sermon maybe an altar call. Then the service is over. This type of service is missing something huge. It is missing Jesus. Let me explain.

They are missing Christ in the Eucharist also known as Communion. The Sacrifice of the Mass Instituted by Christ our High Priest and can only be celebrated by a Priest with authority of Christs Church. Authority of the laying of hands from Christ to the first Apostles and handed down for 2000 years. Unfamiliar Christianity is not celebrating the Lords day as he taught us and how the first Christians were taught by Christ and the Apostles. 

The pinnacle of a Catholic Mass is Jesus through Communion also known as the Eucharist. The pinnacle of many protestant services is the pastor. See the difference?

Unfamiliar Christianity - What Protestants Are Missing

Let me first clarify that this is in no way an attack or judgement on Protestants but simply an analysis comparing worship in the Bible and what the Apostles handed down to the first Christians and comparing it to todays modern Protestant Churches. I will define Protestant as any Christian that is not Catholic or Orthodox. This includes Non-Denominational Christians as Non-Denominational Christianity is the biggest protestant denomination today.

When Christ taught us how to celebrate the Lords Day after his death and resurrection the first Body of Believers, his Church knew what it meant. It was to be celebrated in memory of him as he said it “Do This in Memory of Me.”

What are we supposed to do? We are supposed to celebrate the Lords Day as Christs One and Everlasting Sacrifice. Christ is both the High Priest and the Sacrificial Lamb at the Last Supper.

I read an interesting quote by St. Augustine regarding this that says "Christ is both the Priest, offering Himself, and Himself the Victim. He willed that the Sacramental Sign of this should be the daily Sacrifice of the Church, who, since the Church is His body and He the Head, learns to Offer herself through Him." (City of God 10:20)

Most Protestants simply follow what they have been taught since the reformation by Martin Luther. Luthers traditions have been handed down to modern day pastors teachings. Since that time the Church has split thousands of times. Many have studied it, know the truth and continue in this unfamiliar Christianity.

Both Catholic and Orthodox Religions today continue the Apostolic traditions given by Christ himself and continue with the familiar Christianity. Familiar to the times of Christ and the Apostles. Familiar to the first, second third and fourth century. Familiar to the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth Century. Familiar to the eleventh, twevlth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth century. Familiar to the seventeenth eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century.

The traditions have been handed down through the Catholic Church for 2000 Years. As the Bible says “So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.” (2 Thess 2:15).

To sum it up, the Catholic Mass is a Sacrifice instituted by Christ and teachings handed down for 2000 years. It is celebrated as Communion also known as the Eucharist. Catholics view this as the literal Body and Blood of Christ in the form of Bread and Wine, not a mere symbol or spiritual sign. It is both Biblical in the readings of the Last Supper, Road to Emaus and others  and also historical, written by the first Christians on how to celebrate this Sacrifice as handed down by the Apostles.

Do you have a Familiar or Unfamiliar Christianity? Please Comment below. God bless.


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