I Don't Need Religion - Just Give Me Jesus

I don't need religion. I only need a relationship with Jesus. I am a Non-Denominational Christian.

Have you ever heard this?

First let's look at the definition of Religion according to the Merriam Dictionary:

"The service and worship of God or the supernatural."

When someone says they do not follow a religion, according to the actual definition, they are saying they do not service or worship God. I do not think this is their intention. They cannot redefine what religion means according to the english language. 

Many were simply taught to not follow a religion, simply follow Jesus, which is what Religion means. It means to service and worship God. For many it is a way of hiding that they are protestant and do not want to admit it and that many of their beliefs come from men, the protestant reformers. 

Second, let's look at “I am a Non-Denominational Christian.”

What does this mean? It only means they are protestant and follow most protestant theology.

What is a protestant? A protestant is one who follows the theology of men such as Martin Luther or one of the protestant reformers. 

In short, Non-Denominational is a denomination in itself. The truest form of Christianity founded by Christ handed down for 2000 years is the Catholic Church. 

Comment below and let us know if you are Catholic or Protestant and why. God bless. 

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  • David

    This is perfect as it’s really starting to come up now.

  • Cynthia

    “Religion” comes from the Latin “re ligere” or to “reconnect.” I love religion for that very reason, that w are encouraged to reconnect with our God, and THERE is Jesus! ❤❤

  • Sally Bell

    I am Catholic and proud of it, as this is the Church founded by Jesus Christ.

  • Miriam Poe

    I am a Catholic and my sons were brought Catholic. My youngest son’s girlfriend attends a non- denominational church. She presented my 2 grandchildren to that church, against my sons objections. She says she doesn’t follow any religion, but wants her children to believe in God. I wonder if God forbid, something happens to either child, what’s going to happen to them? I asked if I can bring my granddaughter to mass with me, and she said that when they’re in their father’s custody, he can do whatever he wants. I am so very sad!

  • Claudia Coon

    The Catholic Church is the true church and the first CHRISTIANS. I am a convert. I have always felt Catholic from childhood when I was brought up in any religion. My dad hated Catholics as idle worshipers. My faith is my life and has saved my life

  • Michael Ramirez

    I am Catholic. My sister and brother-in-law are non-denominational, which means to me that anyone can get up on the pulpit and start free-stylin’ with their bible…

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